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DJ Services

Choosing Corridor Entertainment isn’t just a decision, it is an experience. At Corridor Entertainment we strive to deliver nothing less than an excellent night, for your extraordinary day with absolute professionalism from the moment you contact us, to the end of the night.

Great Experience!

Think about the last wedding reception you were at where you had a great time. The DJ at that reception mostly likely helped create a great atmosphere and excellent time management. It is our mission to make sure ALL of your guests have a great time!

Along with great music, we are also there to help keep your reception on track so everyone experiences a seamless and enjoyable night. Whether you want the DJ to be interactive or stay behind the table as the maestro, this is your night. We go above and beyond to make sure your night stays about you, your memories to be made, and your guests’ enjoyment.

Stress-Free with

Just the Right Sound

We can help you plan your reception and give you ideas for keeping your guests entertained. This includes tips about the layout of the room and the reception schedule. We prefer to have 2-3 virtual or in-person meetings to go over all of the details and make sure we have everything mapped out according to your wishes well in advance of your big day.

We always want to have a list of songs and types of music you want to hear. We also want to know what you don’t want to hear. It is great to go over all of the pronunciations of the wedding party so we are announcing everyone well as they are introduced to all of your friends and family.

We are always happy to communicate outside of the meetings as well if questions pop up. Our phones are on and email is checked regularly, so we are happy to help out in any way we can.

Professional equipment is used that can handle any event. You and your guests are the focal point of the night, and we have 2 hand held wireless microphones for use during the toasts.

Set the Mood


Dance lights move in patterns and various colors create a fun visual for the dance floor.

We also provide up lighting to highlight pillars, corners, attraction areas for the night, highlight the wedding party table, or any other points of interest that match your color scheme.

Create a slideshow of your memories to share with your guests. 


We have you covered if you are looking for music and microphones for your ceremony. We offer 2 wireless microphones for use during your ceremony.

Please contact us with any questions you may have or to check the availability of your date.

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